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NDCS Rehearsal for Men

NDCS Rehearsal for Men

Mon, Dec 17

The New Dimension Choral Society (our adult choir)’s regular weekly rehearsal. Normally open to all adults who love to sing, but this is a special sectional rehearsal for men only.

Since our Christmas program is over, we’re preparing the Spirituals that we’ll be singing in upcoming Celebrations of Spirituals in Baton Rouge (Heritage Festival, first Saturday of Black History Month), our own Bobby Wiggins Celebration of Spirituals (here in Shreveport, last Saturday of Black History Month), and Dallas (Jowanda E. Jordan Celebration of Spirituals [née Kwei-Kwei], later in the year).

To facilitate more effectively brushing up on our new Spirituals for the 2019 season, only the men (Tenors and Basses) will rehearse on this one night only. The previous week, December 10, the women (Sopranos and Altos) rehearsed. After the 17th, we’ll take the following two Mondays off for Christmas and New Year’s Eve (respectively), then resume regular rehearsals for all on Monday, January 7, 2019.

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